Recently I traveled to Mass. General Hospital in Boston to meet with Dr. J. Stuart Ablon and his Psychiatry team at Think:Kids. Through a mutual friend I learned about the unique problem solving approach Think:Kids employs with parents and children. By giving children and parents tools on how to communicate, and uses an evidence based approach called Collaborative Problem Solving, or CPS, explosive or agitated kids (and parents) can learn to control their emotions and work together.

Meyer EFS employs many of the same strategies. By believing in the inherent goodness of all kids, we are aligned philosophically with Think:Kids. We discussed our similar approaches using honesty, direct communication and a sincere desire to improve family relationships as a backdrop to helping young people. At Meyer EFS, we agree with Think:Kids that a “more humane, compassionate and effective care for challenging kids is possible.” We work together with families and treat young people and parents with dignity and respect. This approach All families can learn how to communicate more effectively using the Think:Kids approach.