Our Services

Meyer EFS offers a variety of services for your family and your child. We emphasize not only offering or locating the appropriate type of assistance, but locating the best option for your child within that category. We spend at least 25% of our time touring programs, schools and in the field in order to make the right fit between families and programs the first time.

  • Crisis Intervention

    Crisis for teens and young adults can sneak up on a family or it can be a long-term pattern that has reached a tipping point. We have a thorough understanding of family systems and social dynamics and have compassionate and direct communication with families in crisis. If crisis intervention becomes necessary, we will support the family by coordinating the intervention and with appropriate program options for treatment and recovery. We respond to urgent situations seven days a week and the turnaround for placement can be almost immediate.

  • Wrap Around Services

    When students transition home from a program it is a major milestone for families. We work with programs and families to develop realistic and pragmatic wrap around services to keep your child moving forward. We stay involved during the early part of the transition home to act as a safety net.

  • Student Mentorship/Coaching

    Teens and young adults navigate a complicated world. Some need support in this process and are not open to traditional therapy in an office. We provide coaching and mentoring to these students in community settings or through Skype and/or conference calls.

  • Multi Family Support Groups

    Sometimes realizing you are not alone can be reassuring for parents of struggling teens, One way we help families is by connecting them with other families who may be experiencing similar issues or are on the other side of this difficult process. We conduct support groups both remotely by conference and in person in the greater Park City area.

  • Therapeutic Placement

    When families have exhausted resources in a home environment without significant change in their child’s behavior, a therapeutic placement might be the next step. We have extensive knowledge of programs and their staff and help parents find options that support their teens and young adults. We make placements based on both therapeutic and educational needs and stay involved as part of the treatment team from start to finish.

  • Parent Coaching

    Parenting teens and young adults in today’s world can an be difficult and many parents need help learning how to set realistic boundaries and more importantly how to hold them. We will address family dynamics that might be contributing to negative patterns in your child’s behavior. We teach strategies and skills to strengthen the “parenting team.” When the message is consistent and parents are “on the same page” your child’s negative behaviors can decrease.

  • Boarding School Placements

    Many families and teens are making the choice to pursue high school at traditional private boarding schools. There are numerous options all over the country and the process can be overwhelming. We specialize in making the right match between student and school. We work with athletes, scholars, students that need learning support and students that are ready to move from a more structured school to a traditional school.

  • Education and Workshops

    We provide educational programs at national conferences. schools and in the community about mental wellness and primary prevention of at risk teen behaviors

The Continuum of Care

Parents beginning this process are often overwhelmed and discouraged by the upheaval their child’s behavior has created in the family. They have exhausted home resources and are looking for professional guidance. To help parents visualize the therapeutic options available to their family, we have created the Meyer Continuum of Care.