Meyer Education and Family Services has assisted dozens of families in need. Here is what some of our parents have said about our work.

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I was trying to find a good fit for a therapeutic boarding school by myself using the internet. It was overwhelming and I couldn’t seem to make progress. Hiring an educational consultant was the best decision my husband and I could have made. You suggested testing and found a fantastic school for our son in a very short period of time. He is making progress and we are grateful for your help with the process”

- Parents, Coronado CA

Working with Kathy has been great. Right from the start I felt very comfortable sharing our story and telling her what we needed. She was very receptive, caring and efficient, finding us a therapeutic boarding school that meets our son’s needs within a relatively short period of time. I couldn’t have found the school without her help. She is very knowledgeable and professional as well as empathetic. I look forward to working with her while our son is away. I am certain it will be a rewarding experience”

– Parents, Las Vegas NV

The Meyers are experts in their field. They thoroughly understand the struggles of families in distress and crisis. Their expert advice guides families forward in seeking solutions that make sense.”

– Parents, Boston MA

Not only was Kathy an invaluable, trustworthy source of information and guidance but she also provided emotional support when we needed it the most. Kathy continues to be a resource today over 3 years since our son’s placement.”

– Parent, Charlotte NC

Our family will be forever grateful to Kathy Meyer for her help and guidance with respect to our daughter. We met Kathy at a time when we were facing multiple family crises and simply had no idea how to help our 16 year old daughter who was suffering from extreme anxiety. Kathy earned our immediate trust, most importantly that of my daughter. With Kathy’s guidance my daughter was willing, if not anxious, to participate in a wilderness program which we believe was no less than life saving. Following wilderness, she attended a therapeutic boarding school. In each case Kathy gave us focused choices which helped reduce our collective stress levels and were tailored to our situation. My daughter is now 17, home after 10 months and now a senior at her old high school. We are happy, beyond words, to have her home for this year before she heads off to college, and confident that she will continue flourish, excel and most of all, be happy.

– Parents, Longmont CO

Trying to find a residential treatment center that will be safe and FEEL safe just by doing online research is practically impossible. For families who are already coping with an extremely difficult situation where there just seems to be no roadmap, reaching this part of the journey is especially overwhelming. James’ personal knowledge of which RTCs are best for which types of kids is exactly what parents need. In just minutes talking with him, I could feel the first glimmer of hope that I could get my teen the help she so desperately needs – and not have to second-guess whether my choices on her behalf would actually help or make things worse. He is a wonderful listener, has no doubt heard it all before, and has a presence that instills the kind of confidence that says, “We can do this.” Thank you with all my heart.

– Parents, Huntsville AL

Raising kids is no easy experience. Especially in a town like Park City. Kathy and James have varied backgrounds in education that have complemented each other and made their advice extremely valuable to my family. Our professional relationship spans at least three years and I suspect it will continue through for least a few more. When the kids are grown and gone, the Meyers will revert to merely friends. Until then we will lean on them for guidance.”

– Parents, Park City UT

James Meyer excels at working with families, and is always focused on the most important item: the health and growth of students and their families. His integrity in this regard is impeccable. His dedication to the field of therapeutic programs and the life-changing events that occur at these programs is unsurpassed. I have had the honor of working directly with James as well as the pleasure of calling him a friend and colleague.

– Middle School Counselor, Park City School System

Always thoughtful, professional, informed, sensitive and responsive!!! The amount of knowledge and awareness of current programs/trends and placements you provide is incredible.

– Parents, Greenwich CT

Both James and Kathy are warm yet professional. Their extensive experience in this field and as parents themselves allows them to empathize with families while making informed recommendations.

– Parents, Boulder CO

We were hesitant to hire an education consultant at first. Kathy made the experience informative and pleasant. It was a huge relief to have her advice during a very stressful time of our lives.

– Parents, Fort Worth TX

Kathy’s information on brain science and the connection between the brain and mental health is critical for all students (and all people for that matter) to know. She is knowledgeable and can relate so well with teenagers.

– Therapist, New York NY

Having spent much of their career on the provider side, James and Kathy are uniquely positions to direct children and young adults to the appropriate placement. Their familiarity with the private placement field is born of having spend years in the trenches of providing therapeutic and educational care for youth.

– Parents, Los Angeles CA

Kathy and James are nationally recognized experts in their field. They are caring and compassionate, but also strong in their opinions. They are able to guide familes through difficult times offering a variety of choices.

– Program Founder and Executive Director, Salt Lake City UT