James Meyer Field Dedication

James Meyer, of Meyer Education & Family Consultants, was recently honored by The Oakley School, a therapeutic boarding school that he founded in 1998 and served as headmaster for 15 years.

A local newspaper, The Park Record, also featured an article about it that can be found here.

The field was dedicated the  “James H. Meyer Field” and a stone placard was placed at the front of the school on the expansive green space which reads:

In recognition of the vision, leadership and commitment James Meyer provided to the Oakley School community for 15 years.

James was a founder and the executive director of the Oakley school from 1998-2013. His office overlooked the field and he spent many years not only directing the school, but coaching teams. One year he coached an Oakley School lacrosse team that made it to the state finals. James was named Utah Coach of the Year for his extraordinary efforts. Lacrosse has always been, and continues to be, a great passion in James’s life. At Oakley, it was no easy task coaching lacrosse to students that spent on average one year at the school and played with peers that had varying experiences and knowledge of the game.

For James coaching students was a highlight of his career at Oakley. His ability to motivate students and colleagues alike was apparent both on the field and even more importantly in his leadership role at Oakley.

The James H. Meyer Field is a perfect legacy and truly represents his efforts and accomplishments while at Oakley,”  said Paul Taylor the current Director.

Colleagues from the past and present were in attendance and many traveled from all over the country. Those gathered on the newly named “James H. Meyer Field ” included professionals with whom he worked with throughout is tenure at Oakley and beyond, the School’s Founders, many of the Educational Consultants that were there from the very beginning and of course, James’s family. His children grew up during his years at the school and being there brought back fond memories for everyone in attendance.  It was a beautiful day and a memorable occasion.