Our Approach

Our approach is collaborative and family-centered. We are clear and direct with you about what we observe in your child and in your family system—honesty and compassion are benchmarks of our style of consulting.

With Meyer EFS, you will find that the attention to detail and quality of your family’s experience will be unparalleled.
With Meyer EFS, you will find that the attention to detail and quality of your family’s experience will be unparalleled.

Our Process

  • 1. Initial Assessment

    Our first step will be an initial telephone conversation in which we can learn more about you and about the issues that need to be addressed. At the same time, this is your chance to get to know us and our services we provide.

  • 2. Gathering Information

    Once you’ve decided to move forward, we’ll meet with you and your child (if appropriate), and then proceed to gather and assess information from the stakeholders in your child’s life: teachers, coaches, therapists, counselors, clergy and anyone else that will give us a clear picture of your child. We’ll also assess any psychological testing, assessments or direct communication with the above. We work with you to determine what support your child needs and help link you to those services.

  • 3. Placement Recommendations

    Once we have gathered information we develop a list of services and/or programs for you to review. Our extensive experience in this field has resulted in strong relationships with schools and programs throughout the country. This “insider’s view” helps us make the best recommendation for your family.

    If an out-of-home placement is indicated, we present options that meet your child’s treatment and educational needs, We continually visit programs throughout the country to understand which program will best serve your child and family.

    We will explain in detail each program recommended, why we have selected them as an option and how their specific treatment approach can help your child. We work with you to narrow options based on your families specific circumstances. We then help you set up a tour, or meet you at the program to tour together.

  • 4. Support During and After Placement

    Once a decision is made and your child is placed, we remain involved to ensure treatment and educational goals are being met. We visit with your child during his or her treatment process and are involved as a part of the treatment team. And once your child and family have met treatment goals, we help with transitions home and/or to other schools and programs. We support students and families through their entire journey.