Internet Gaming

I just recently attended an exceptional workshop by Dr. Ryan Anderson on Internet gaming.

Internet gaming can be very scary stuff!

Many of the same principles that apply to casino gambling also apply to gaming. There are long term challenges, or “grinds,” in return for a short term euphoric feeling. Think of a slot machine at a casino – it’s the same concept.

In addition, people who play games with internet “friends” are typically more easily angered and have less tolerance.

The addictive aspect of it is harder to deal with, as computers and games are here to stay and are very much already part of all out our lives. It’s not like alcohol or drugs where you can isolate from them. Students need computers as they move through life.

It’s also important to not buy into the statements about gaming as “not hurting anyone.” Or “if I log out, I will let down all my friends.” Families and students specifically need to recognize when Internet gaming is becoming a problem and to start taking these steps to see if it’s a problem.